About South Africa

Situated right at the tip of the most magnificent, most mysterious, wildest and most ancient of continents, South Africa is a land of spectacular contrasts, both physically and socially. It’s here you’ll find the world’s oldest rocks, the world’s oldest fossils, and the world’s newest democracy.
It was here that our distant ancestors became human, and from here, that we went out to populate the world. And, like almost every country on earth, we’ve had our bloody periods in history and our shameful past, but we are moving on. Our constitution has one of the best human rights clauses in the world, and we are actively working together to achieve harmony between, and a decent standard of living for, all our people.

We South Africans are mightily attached to our land and we often retreat to the sanctuary of the mountains or the bush, or take time out on our wonderful beaches. Our natural heritage is truly spectacular. With vegetation zones ranging from scorching desert to tangled forests, or snow-clad mountains to vividly flower-bedecked plains, there is some beautiful vista just waiting to be discovered around every corner.

The wilder areas of our country offer a truly unique experience, where you can spend days watching an enormous variety of animals, including impressive beasts such as giraffes, lions, elephants, rhinos and many others. There is nothing quite like sitting back, watching a big, red, sun go down over the African bush while a herd of elephants saunters past.

But there really is more to us than beasts and bush and beach. When you visit, do take the time to find out how we live and who we are. Visit our museums and villages, listen to our stories and dance to our music.

When you visit South Africa, you’re not just visiting a place, you’re visiting a people.

Read more about South Africa on our Blog page

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